Control your mood
based on weather conditions.

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Clean UI

Hourly Weather

View weather conditions in real-time based on your location. Simple viewing of your current climate by the hour.

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Colorful Emojis

Mood Selection

Vibrant and colorful emojis for easy selection. Choose your mood based on your current weather conditions.

Stunning Graphics
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Private Use

Secure Account

Track your mood to understand how the climattude impacts it. Feel comfy that your information is not being shared and remains secure.



FREELimited Access
  • Climate Viewing
  • Mood Selection
  • Device Streaming

In-App Premium

PAIDFull Access
  • Profile Enhancement
  • Mood Discovery
  • Music Streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app work?

The application is very easy to use. By using your current location, you allow the Climattude app to gather the most accurate current climate conditions. You simply set your mood based on these conditions and enjoy the tunes available.

Why is setting my mood important?

Research shows that the weather conditions a person is in can greatly effect their mood and current state. Climattude is a mobile application that has been built with the understanding that music plays a roll in the mood you are in as well. We use those things as our guiding light: Mood & Music.

Is the application free?

Yes, there is a free version that you can experience. A premium version exists as an in-app purchase (one-time cost) that provides unique features to enhance your engagement.

What if I don't have music on my device?

It is ok if you are not one to keep music on your mobile device. You can always add it or select from various music streaming platforms for your convenience.

Is my information safe?

We value consumer privacy and DO NOT sell, share or communicate any user information whatsoever. Feel free to take a look at our Privacy Policy for more detailed information on this.

Can I offer some improvement suggestions?

Yes. You may absolutely communicate any suggestions for improvements, updates and/or additional features by sending an email to our team here, with a title of "App Suggestion": Suggesting Something Cool

Tested in More than 4 Countries

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